New features

February 28, 2023

We have two new features that we just rolled out.

The first is the ability to re-order metrics and checklists, so that you can control which ones you get to first in meetings.  Now, if you go to the metrics or checklists tabs on your circle page, you'll see six dots to the left side of each metric/checklist.  You can use those to drag-and-drop and easily choose the order you want most.

The second feature we've released has to do with the members of your organization who haven't yet been assigned roles. Before, it was hard to see which members those were, since there was no easy way to tell.  Now, Admins can scroll through your Organization Members page and easily see which members those are by looking for the red tag next to their names.

We hope these help you with your self-organization practice.  Feel free to let us know any other features that you're wanting!  You can get in touch by selecting the question-mark icon to the bottom left of GlassFrog and clicking on "Get Support". 😊