Scratch pad for Governance and other updates

December 01, 2013

We've fixed some bugs and added a scratch pad for Governance meetings.

Scratch pad for temporary text:

  • The scratch pad is located below the agenda in an open governance meeting. Secretary can capture starting proposals that are not clearly a Role or a Policy. The text is not saved, as it is just a temporary note pad. Secretary can also chart objections here for the Facilitator.


Other updates:

  • References to Scope have been removed on the Circle page to help GlassFrog align with version 4.0 of Holacracy
  • When editing a role that is a Subcircle, if Remove Role is selected, then the default selection is Destroy the Role Entirely. If you want to retain any policies or keep the circle as a role, select the relevant options after selecting Remove this Circle.


Contact GlassFrog Customer Support via the Contact Us form with any questions or bug reports.